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Ted has been performing comedy since 2013, but has only taken it seriously as a career since October 2018, when a mental health breakdown, and the attached ego-complex, led him to realise just how much the world needed him as a professional comedian.

Ted's style of comedy is high-concept multi media silliness with a high gag rate. He's currently taking his solo show, All The Presidents Man, to festivals around the UK, and is looking for lots and lots of gigs to fill up his diary in the meantime. Ted generally performs middle/open/new material spots on the London circuit, occasionally MCs, and paid 20s at History/Science themed nights. He's frankly, to be honest, open to pretty much any gig as long as he can afford to travel there.

Ted is also a trained actor and improviser (Monkey Toast, Free Association, UCB New York), as well as a writer with comedy credits for BBC Newsjack, The Jugular & The Tab. He's looking to get into writing what with this whole pandemic making live work hard

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