All The President's Man

Ted's Debut Stand-Up Show

In 2018, Ted had a full on mental breakdown. culminating in him being placed in a psychiatric hospital on suicide-watch. It wasn't very fun. While in this hospital he spent a lot of time reading books about American Presidents; and, after being discharged in a much healthier place, decided to write his debut stand-up show, something he previously never had to confidence to do, about every single U.S. President. Thus, All The Presidents Man was born.

From Washington to Trump, Ted talks about his recovery from severe depression, and includes a joke about each and every U.S. President. It's just your standard coming-of-age, mental health crisis, every single U.S. President sort of stand-up show we're all so used to these days. It features silly graphs, silly drawings, silly voices and absolutely no knowledge of U.S. Presidents is required for this high-energy whirlwind of multimedia mischief. 

It was began as a Work In Progress at the Camden Fringe in 2019, and is coming to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond in 2020 (NOTE: The Fringe in 2020 was cancelled, so the show will now have to wait until 2021)

Click HERE for info about Ted's live streamed, abridged, online only version of the show, that he's putting out for free on July 3rd 2020

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©2020 by Ted Hill. Photos & Images by Steve Cross, Cate Kelly, Effie Davis & Science Museum Learning. Video by Festival of The Spoken Nerd. It'd be nice to put something funny here but can't think of anything right now.

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