Ted Hill: All The Presidents Man

A stand-up show about Every U.S. President. Coming to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022. Get tickets here!

Ted Hill's debut stand-up show about every single US President, and a enthusiastic, nerdy comedian's response to a mental breakdown. From Washington to Biden, Ted, "an audience favourite" (Chortle), talks about his recovery from a "major depressive episode" (Ladbroke Grove Psychiatric Hospital) and includes a joke about all 46 American Presidents. It's just your standard coming-of-age, mental health crisis, every single US President sort of stand-up show we're all so used to these days. Absolutely no knowledge of US history is required for this high-energy whirlwind of multimedia mischief.

The show runs at 18:40, 4th-28th August (not 15th) at Just The Tonic at The Mash House! Tickets are £5 in advance to guarantee a seat or PWYW on the door.

Click here to find out more about Ted Hill, and click here for the show's press release

Just The Tonic At The Mash House

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The show is at 18:40 in The Attic Room at Just the Tonic At The Mash House

4th-28th August 2022 (not 15th)

All The Presidents Man was created, written and performed by Ted Hill; it was co-produced by Cate Kelly and Ted Hill, show artwork by Ted Hill, Aislinn Draws, and Paul Flannery. Photography by Steve Cross