Ted's Sunday Quiz

Sunday Night Silliness

When Covid-19 struck the world, Ted responded in the only way he knew how: making an online quiz and running it every Sunday. He's also really good at making ventilators in innovative ways, but chose quizzes as the best use of his time.

Ted's Sunday Quiz is a bit of a silly laugh, and ran throughout lockdown, every Sunday at 8pm at twitch.tv/thetedhill

We're on an Xmas break from the quiz right now, but we'll be back in the New Year with weekly quizzes.


How does it work? i'm glad you asked because i'm just telling you now. Ted streams him asking the questions on Twitch (it's basically just a website normally used by gamers that he can use to stream reliably from), and sends a link to a google form for answers to be submitted. You either play solo, or get into teams in your household, or over video chat (best to have one player watch the stream and the others listen to the audio from their computer) and fill your answers in the google form at the end of each round.

After a few rounds we take a break while Ted marks the answers and drinks more wine. Then we come back for a couple more rounds that consist of multiple choice questions, which handily mark themselves, and then bish-bash-bosh we're done by 10 (ok normally like 10:15)

Ted's Sunday Quiz was created by Ted Hill, presented and co-written by Ted Hill and is produced and co-written by Cate Kelly.


Hire Ted To Write a Quiz For You!

For your business, event or pub

Spending a whole year doing basically nothing but online quizzes has made Ted pretty darn good at writing quizzes. For a very reasonable, negotiable fee, Ted can tailor a quiz to your group, perform it online or in person, handle the marking, logistics and any technical requirements. He can do funny quizzes, serious quizzes, topical quizzes, hard quizzes, easy quizzes, kids quizzes and basically any type of quiz! For birthday parties, leaving drinks, corporate bonding sessions, charity fundraisers, Ted can write a tailor made quiz to suit your needs.

If you're a London pub and are looking for someone to host a regular quiz, contact Ted! he'd do a great job if he does say so himself, and can potentially handle some of the marketing and admin if you're that way inclined.

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