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Presenter & Voice Over Artist

Ted is an experienced and accomplished presenter, with an energetic and exciting presenting style. He's worked as a presenter for the Zoological Society of London and The Science Museum, and has performed over 1000 educational live shows for children in these roles; also presenting his own youtube videos and weekly live lockdown quiz. A presenting showreel is coming here very shortly. Ted is great at bringing a script to life with his animated style; he can be silly for kids and engaging for adults. For a variety of audiences, Ted is an efficient, experienced and reliable presenter who you should 100% get in touch with to collaborate on your next project!

Ted also has a lovely voice for voiceover work. He can do a variety of voices and speaks with a rich and engaging natural tone. An audio showreel is also coming very soon. Ted would be a great choice to voice your advert, audiobook and much more! Contact below if you'd like to chat to Ted about being involved in your project



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