Teddy's Life Story

In April 1994, a woman gave birth to a baby; the midwife handed her the child and said 'it's a boy, and not just any boy, but the multimedia comedian Ted Hill'. Fast forward 20 years and this child had a go at comedy while studying for a pointless degree in biological anthropology; he was terrible at both these endeavours. Fast forward a few more years and he's now much better at comedy. So much so that he's even got his own website and everything.

Ted is a stand-up comedian, science communicator, improviser, presenter, actor and writer.

Ted is currently working on his debut stand up hour; All The Presidents Man, about how he overcame a severe bout of depression by learning about every single U.S. President. He's taken a WIP to the Camden Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival and Brighton Fringe, and will take the show to Edinburgh in 2022.

He has ADHD and this makes his comedy and presenting style fun, exciting and always different, but does mean he sometimes struggles to finish proj